A Creative Mind For Our Times


My Story

Native Miami-an, Ramon Mas is a lover and student of all things creative. His adoration for music and art was instilled at a very early age. From developing an appreciation of diverse genres of music and immersing himself in the fantastic through his favorite comic books, Ramon evolved his sensibilities to produce the creative he is today. Also heavily influenced by world cultures, Ramon uses his learnings and incorporates them into his pieces. It is common to find examples of Cuban, Asian, Comic, Street and Hip Hop Cultures throughout his artwork.

Ramon is a graduate of the Visual Arts Honors Conservatory Program from Miami Dade College. While attending, he was lead designer in the 2001 Mural Project and has participated in several mural projects since. Prior and during his artistic development in the art program, he was known locally for his graffiti prowess. In his work, Ramon uses mixed media from acrylic, oil, spray paint, inks, metals, light, and he strives to explore these textures through visual rhythm.